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Glitter Tattoo, Stays on the skin 3-13 days! 

Long lasting, safe and glamorous, waterproof by the Y-body company

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As you can see we put our focus on customer support.

Many people from around the world have used our chat on line service and our Facebook accessibility for general information about glitter tattoos and about Ybody's products.


a customer: "thank you for the 2 tips ))))
the customer service is great, you guys have thought of every option to assist your customer in everyway which great!! thankyou and goodnite )"


We are updating our site this year.

You can enjoy the new product zone.

A new gallery, new videos and much more on the way.


and coming soon something that

we never done before yet-

special deals.


*New products for a sparkling new year.

*New presentation deals.

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Try our new Christmas kit:

Great Idea for parties and events: Party kits for family or friends

*Kits / sets- for temporary Glitter  tattoo Do It Yourself.


*stencils- stickers for temporary tattoos (henna and glitter tattoo)

glitter tattoos stencils and henna stencils

*"The Original Pink Glue"-the best glue for glitter tattoos and body decorations FDA approved.

glitter tattoos pink glue

*Cosmetic Glitter Powder- over70 shades of polyester glitter cut extra fine.

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