The holiday season is upon us. It is a time of joy and sparkle – just like glitter tattoos. It is also a time of spending, whether time with the family or money from the wallet.

Ybody International wants to help you spread some of the joy and glitter while making a bit of income during this profitable season. From our vast experience as Glitter Tattoo experts, we have prepared a list of options for the professional and non-professional glitter tattoo artist.

Local Shopping Malls:

Malls and retail stores out to outdo each other with family events to draw in the buyers. There are plenty of options of where glitter tattoos can fit in.

1) Santa’s Helper – Meeting Santa is a holiday favorite for all which can cause long tiresome lines, sometimes up to a hour. Children and parents would love some sort of break within the line.  A glitter tattoo stand besides the line allows for fun break without losing one’s place in line. Contact the Mall manager or Santa to discuss the idea and possible arrangements.

2) Mall holiday shows

3) Retail Stores – The larger stores like Sears, JCPenny, etc. may be interested in having a booth that would pull mall shoppers into their stores. Offer this option to the store manager.

When approaching the managers, offer two options: 1) the location pays for the materials and for your time or 2) you receive a place for you to work and receive payment from the end customer. Be open to a small stand cost from the location.

Holiday celebrations in your area:
Most municipalities hold holiday events for all the different religious holidays at this time such a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, Hanukkah Lighting celebrations, Kwanzaa celebration, holiday parades, etc. Search online, ask friends about community celebrations, contact the event planners about company Christmas parties, and offer to add to the joyful celebrations with Christmas glitter tattoos.

Open a stand:
Contact local gift shop, Christmas stores, indoor play places, hotels, etc. and offer to manage a glitter tattoo holiday booth.  Come ready with some negotiation tactics such as offering some of the profit or having the location take the credit.

The holiday season is a time of giving and what a better time to give some love and joy to those who need a bit of extra cheer and glitter than byglitter tattoos.  The places to donate your time is endless so find something that is both close to home and close to your heart.  Remember the unconditionally joy you give to others will returned to you in one form or another at a later date.

Ybody has several holiday glitter tattoo promotional tools including individual Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa stencils perfect for the season.  As well the perfect gift.

Do you have more ideas? Please share and you may get a free Christmas gift in the mail.


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