Alex Noam – Co Owner and Co CEO

Alex rides his bicycles to Ybody’s factory where he calmly and confidently organizes everything.  Over 13 years ago Alex introduced the Glitter Tattoo Kits to the world and since then has been the head of the International Ybody Family.  Alex is more than the boss, he is a friend, life coach and also has a wicked sense of humor. Our recommendation is to ask for Alex’s advice – he often gives Sparkling input.


Shani Noam – Co Owner and Co CEO

Shani is the world export in designing original glitter tattoo stencils. When Shani is around you know that you are in good hands, she is efficacious! Shani believes that glitter tattoos make our world a happier place.

Shani has some new surprises on the way so be prepared…


Noa Gal Efron – Customer service and Sales 

Noa has the soul of a healer and she finds a lot of joy in chatting and helping Ybody’s worldwide customers. She is there for our customers 6 days a week and is always happy to assist. She will answer all the questions you may have about our products with patience. Noa has been consulting Face painters and wholesalers around the globe for many years and knows the market. When Noa take care of you she duos it with all here hart.


Mali Kedem – Operations Manager

The one and only, Mali, is Ybody’s Queen. Her responsibility is that employees will be happy and laughing while fulfilling the factory’s glittery production needs. The time at work flies fast thanks to Mali, and employees know she is the one to talk to when something goes wrong either in the factory or in their personal life. She is a one of a kind…