5 January 2017

Ybody is the best glue for glitter work and the only one I use- I always recommend it to my students and to anyone who asks.

Brierley Thorpe, London, Award Winning Body Paint Artist

1  November 201

Trust me, I have tried all of the rest and now only use the best – Y Body.  They are the ONLY tattoos I will use anymore as I want quality and ease of use to make my jobs easier and to show the true professional that I am.

Karen, United States, Glitter Tattoo Event Artist and Convention Director

17 October 2015

Just wanted to let you know I received the order and am thoroughly enjoying what we do. Thanks for making my life even more enjoyable than it was before.

Kelly, Canada, Ybody Distributor

28 February  2015

First of all we wanted to thank you for your availability, patience, your quickness and of course to all treats you added to our order. We are very excited about the new product and believe that the responses will be enthusiastic. If it be as we will as expect, than the sky’s the limit for us.There are a lot of business directions (including carts in malls).

Thank you again

Hagar, Portugal, Glitter Tattoo Booth at Seaside Promenade

7 April 2014

Just wanted to say thank you for the fairy stencils you sent me…..will be using them this weekend for a very girly party I have got on.
Every time I look on your site I find more things I like……….i will have a look next week and make a final decision………so I can see if I can “feed my addiction”
Thanks for keeping in touch

Marie, Australia, Facepainter

25 March 2014

Hey Ybody
Just wanted to say I have had great customer care from you this past week

Juliet, Bahamas, Glitter Tattoo Booth Seaside

4 October 2014

I love your glitter and tattoo stencil collection….I am planning on doing glitter tattoos and face painting at events for an income.
Thank you

Donna, United States, Party Glitter Tattoo Artist

5 March 2014

I wanted to say THANK YOU YBODY for the Fairytale glitter kit that I received…EVERYTHING is better with a little “bling” on it!!

Donna R., United States, Annual Valentine's Day Contest Winner

5 September 2013

I did received my parcel yesterday.  Everyone in this house is full of tattoos now! We love it!
Thanx for everything!!!!

Pietra, South Africa, Airbrush Artist

30 December 2013

Thank you Ybody International Ltd !! I am planning on decorating my family for New Year’s with so much glitter! You can get a kit too for contributing to their newsletter, so get sparkling!

Kristin, United States, Body Paint Artist

10 January 2008

Absolutely amazing! This has to be the best possible [Pink Glue] adhesive I have ever used and as a result I have thrown away anything I have ever used in the past.  Its easy to apply both using stencils or free hand designs, flows beautifully ensuring perfect fine lines and details.  It has the longest lasting effect of any products of used.  The glitter is the sparkliest I’ve used so far and endures showering over and over again without loosing its effect.  I love all the ybody products.!

Katrina, United Kingdom
8 June 2017
I love your products, besides your [freehand] pen is really practical and pleasant to use!
Mam'zelle Pastel, Body Artist, France