Pro Kit


A great way to start your glitter tattoo business with Ybody professional tools on a tight budget. The assortment of stencils allow the artist to gain knowledge of local customers’ preferences. When stencils are finished, refill with bulk stencils of your choice. Enough Glitter for ~500 tattoos. Can also be used for Freehand glitter art. The Black Colorini Ink is a healthy alternative for henna. Used by the theatre for the real tattoo look.


Pro Kit contains: 90 Best seller stencils 10 EX elaborated stencils, 15ml Pink Glue, 15ml Black Colorini, 12 dazzling glitter colors 320ml total, brush set, and a “how to” card.

Additional information

Weight0.572 kg
Dimensions8.5 × 23.7 × 10.3 cm


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